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Photo prints

Photo prints

Sinterklaas is almost its birthday! And garlands belong to a birthday party. Decorate your home for the Sinterklaas feast with a personal do-it-yourself Pietenslinger! Making the pendulum is not difficult and does not take much time. Super fun to tinker together and get in the party mood. Sinterklaas will feel like an extra year. 🙂

What do you need:

  • Photo prints of the people with whom you celebrate the Sinterklaas festival. Do not forget yourself 😉
  • Colored (craft) cardboard or sturdy paper
  • Feathers for the Pietenmuts. I have used craft feathers, but you can also cut feathers from colored paper or cardboard.
  • Glue and adhesive tape
  • Rope


Do-it-yourself manual:

  • Step 1: Choose the best pictures of the people. Make sure their face is big and clear on the picture. Print your photos. The best result is obtained by ordering photo prints. You can also use a photo printer if there is time pressure.
  • Step 2: Cut out the faces from the photos.
  • Step 3: Cut out Pieten hats from the colored cardboard. Cut extra strips for the bottom edge of the hat.
  • Step 4: Stick a feather on the hat. I stuck the feather with tape at the bottom so you can not see it later.
  • Step 5: Then paste a strip, in a different color, onto the bottom of the hat.
  • Step 6: Stick the Pieten hats on the heads that you cut out at Step 1.
  • Step 7: Attach the Pietjes to the rope so that it becomes a pendulum. I made holes in the edges of the caps with a perforator. Then I have the Pietjes strung on the rope. And ready is Craft Pete! Now you can hang up the pendulum, and the party can really start.

TIP: A little too late for Sinterklaas? Make a garland at Christmas with, for example, Santa hats, reindeer or angels!

Lots of fun!

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