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Photo frame: MY DAD ROCKS!

Photo frame: MY DAD ROCKS!

The best thing to get for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is a craft of your own child instead of expensive perfume, a piece of jewelry etc. For my first Mother’s Day I was very spoiled with a dinner and perfume, but that’s because this is my first Mother’s day was.

I show here a very simple craft work to do with your toddler for Father’s Day. What do you need:

Stones (you get them at a garden center or even more fun, you go outside looking for stones)
Wooden blank photo frame (Ikea)
Good glue
It is also useful to have a computer and a printer at your disposal to print something out. Or you have a nice photo to do in the list.

First you go and look for the stones together. We have taken them from the garden of grandfather and grandmother. Nola and I together make a list as an example and Nola her nephew (3) makes a picture frame.

First we put glue on the edge of the list. We then glue the stones on them (with a flat side).

Toddlers can easily do this themselves from a year or two. Nola her nephew likes to add glue to the list more often. It is best to let your toddler determine how he works. First grease the list with glue and then stick the stones on it or the glue on it and then a stone, glue on it and another stone and so on. The nephew of Nola chose the latter. First glue a stone, glue again and another stone …

Funny that every toddler does this differently. In this way you learn to think for yourself what a convenient way to be and to be creative. If you chew everything and want to do it your way, they will spontaneously come up with something spontaneously because you do it for them. Together with Nola I am also making a list with stones.

While I watch how Nola’s nephew completes his list, I crawl behind the computer. In Word I look for a nice font and write the text “My dad rocks”. I print out the paper and cut it in the right format in the list. The lists have to dry one day or a night, then you put the paper with text / drawing or the picture in the list.

We have made the list with the text and the toddler the list with his picture!

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