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DIY: quotes in a photo frame

DIY: quotes in a photo frame

Today in the DIY: photo frames with nice quotes. Super fun to hang in the living room, kitchen or bathroom, or of course to decorate the walls in your room! You can enter different quotes in the lists, for example where you get your inspiration from, quotes that you like, or quotes that are typical of you. Below you will find the DIY with inspiration photos! Goodluck🙂
DIY: photo frames with nice quotes

It is, of course, exactly what you want to make. Consider first whether you want a large list with a quote, or several small lists with different quotes. Based on that you can see what you need:
– A large list / several small lists;
– Letters (you can draw letters, retrieve them from magazines, use letter stickers or extract letters from a letter box, it’s just what you like the most);
– Scissors;
– Glue;
– Paper (white, colored or with a print) or newspapers

To work:
– Consider one or more nice quote (s): for example, look for inspiration on weheartit, tumblr or pinterest;
– Search or create the letters you need for your quote;
– Measure the size of the list / lists and cut this size out of the solid paper: this is the background of the quote;
– Then paste the letters on the sturdy paper;
– Close the list and: voilà, your list with quote is ready!
Totally fun to put down somewhere or hang up. If you want multiple lists with different quotes, you can of course vary in types of lists, different colors of paper and different letters 🙂

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