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DIY: Pop-up photo album in a box

DIY: Pop-up photo album in a box

I’ve seen the idea for a pop-up album a few times on Pinterest and I think it’s such a fun and sweet idea. Valentine’s Day I found a good opportunity to get started. It is original, not difficult to make and you can have a nice number of photos in it!

What do you need:
Print photo. When ordering, keep in mind the size of the box, because the photos must of course fit into it.
A nice box or box
Scissors, ruler and pencil
Glue or double-sided tape
String to make a loop
Possibly stuff to decorate your box or box
Step 1 – Make a selection and have your photos printed
Tip: choose square photos if you are going to use a round box. Here you can easily cut out circles
Step 2 – Collect the supplies
Choose a nice box or box. You can use all kinds of different types. A box of cardboard or wood, square or round, decorated or unprocessed, with lid or with a flap. Whatever you like. Also collect the other things you need: cardboard to stick the photos, scissors, ruler, pencil and glue. And a piece of ribbon or rope to make a loop with.

Tip: it is also very nice to personalize the box. For example, stick a photo on the lid. Attach the photo with nice tape or paint it with Mod Podge (that is a special glue / varnish and applies a nice and firming layer). Decorate the box with hearts. Paint it in a nice color. Draw or write something personal.

Step 3 – Draw and cut the first piece
Put the box on the cardboard and pull it with pencil. Then cut out the piece. You will soon use this part to draw your ‘harmonica’ (or leporello ). The piece of cardboard probably does not fit in the box, because the box on the outside is bigger than inside. Cut the piece a little bit until it fits into the box.

Draw the lines around your square
Step 4 – Draw all shapes
Now place the piece on the large piece of cardboard and pull it over. Draw just as many of those pieces as the number of photos you are going to use.

Prepare the album for folding
Step 5 – Prepare the fold
To make folding easier later, draw a line across the pencil line between the different surfaces with a close pair of scissors or a knife. Use a ruler for this so that you cut straight over the line. Press firmly but not too hard, otherwise you cut through the cardboard. Because you draw this line, the cardboard will soon be easier to fold. Draw this line across all lines that will have to be folded later.

Fold the album
Step 6 – Make the leporello
Cut out the cardboard and fold it over and over so that you get a harmonica effect.

Paste the photos into the leporello photo album

Step 7 – Paste photos
Now stick your photos on the cardboard. Think of the order of the photos and how the album should unfold.

Place the album in the box
Step 8 – Attach the leporello to the box
If all photos are properly secured and you are sure that everything is folded and glued correctly, you can stick the bottom picture on the bottom of the box.

Step 9 – Attach the loop to finish it
Now make a loop of the string and attach it to the back of the upper part of the leporello. I glued the tab with tape.
To finish it really nice, stick a piece of cardboard over the tape so that the back looks neatly finished.

Tip: You can also attach the tab to the inside of the lid, so that the album will unfold as soon as you open the box!

And ready is your pop-up photo album!

Now you have your own leporello pop-up photo album! So nice that you almost do not want to give it away. 🙂

If you want to make a nice cute photo album, but do not have time for cutting and pasting? Then you can easily create a Pixum Photo Book mini in the online editor ! Here you go straight to the editor: making a photo book .

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