Nifty Savvy | DIY: Hanging up photos in a list
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DIY: Hanging up photos in a list

DIY: Hanging up photos in a list

Valentine’s Day is a good time to something with the best and sweetest photos of you and your love. For decoration, just for yourself or course to give him or her a gift.

You can put your photos in a frame behind glass, but it is also fun and hip to hang them in the list! To make it even more personal, you can cut out the first letters of your name from cardboard and also hang them in the list.

Voila! Your unique photo frame is ready!

What do you need:
A nice list in a format of your choice
Rope or wire
Nails and a hammer
Cardboard to cut out letters
Photo prints
Small clothespins
Step 1 – Choose and print photos
Choose the best, nicest and sweetest photos of you and your love and order them on the Pixum website (print photos here!). When ordering, keep the size in mind so that the photos fit into the list. I chose the Retro photos. The photos are square and have an ideal size. Not too big and not too much fun for this project.

What do you need for your unique photo frame?

Step 2 – Collect the items for your project
Collect the things you need for your project. Choose, buy or make a list that is multiple photos (you do not need a glass for this project). Pegs (or “photo pegs”) to hang the photos.

Tip: I used rollable rope. You can use that for anything, because it is very sturdy and it also looks nice.

Tap the nails on the spot in the list.

Step 3 – Organize photos and tap nails
Determine how you want to hang the photos and how much you want to hang them. Then put the spots on the list.

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