Nifty Savvy | DIY: “Famous Couples” poster as a wedding present
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DIY: “Famous Couples” poster as a wedding present

DIY: “Famous Couples” poster as a wedding present

Soon I will have a wedding and for that I am looking for a nice gift. I remembered a very nice poster that I once met: the famous poster couples. A poster full of names of famous couples: Romeo & Juliet, Shrek & Fiona, Tarzan & Jane, Han Solo & Princess Leia, Robin Hood & Marian, Superman & Lois Lane, Barbie & Ken …

Famous couples. Names that belong together and that everyone knows. And among all those famous names are also the names of you and your dear. Or two other lovers. It is a super fun and perfect gift for a wedding, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or for a housewarming of a couple that has started living together.

“Famous Couples” poster as a wedding present or nice decoration

Step 1 – Selecting couples
Choose or collect the names of famous couples that you like.

Step 2 – Define format
I made my image in Photoshop and first set which format the poster should be (so it is useful to first select a format from the website ). It is of course much easier to choose and design your poster and list in the Fotowereld Software !

Step 3 – Add names
Then I started with the insertion of all names. It is easiest to use your own text surface for every couple. As a result, you will be able to move more easily with distances and font sizes.

Step 4 – Select font (s)
If you have written all the names, choose a font that you like. You can of course take one font for everything. It is also nice, of course, to take different fonts. Especially if the font fits the couple! Think for example of a medieval font for Robin Hood & Marian or a science fiction font for Han Solo & Princess Leia.

Step 5 – Scroll until you are happy
Then it is a matter of sliding. The names eventually all have to be equally wide. Because you have placed all couples in their own text area, you can adjust each text surface separately. Make the letters larger or smaller, create more or less space between the names or stretch the letters.

Of course you can also make the image in a word processing program. It is also nice to write the names by hand, for example by hand lettering. If you like that then it is very nice to put the names on paper that way.

“Famous Couples” poster: your friends between “Romeo & Juliet” and “Tarzan & Jane”
Step 6 – Choose colors
Finally, give the names another color. I have chosen to color black the names of the famous couples and the names of the main characters red. That is how their names look good. If you already have a list you can of course orientate yourself to the color of the list.

Step 7 – Save and order
Save the image as a .jpg file and upload it on the Pixum website. If you have written the names by hand, you can scan the poster and save and upload the file.

On the website you can then choose what kind of poster you would like to make. You can opt for a photo enlargement, but you can also choose to have the poster printed on one of the other materials that  offers. For example on professional poster paper (including watercolor paper or with a pearl finish), canvas  , aluminum , acrylic glass and as  . You can also order the poster directly with a list via website or software . Then you are ready right away!

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